A Wedding at The Broadmoor | Colorado Springs Wedding Florist

I have wanted to do a wedding at The Broadmoor for as long as I have lived in Colorado.  I just think it is a beautiful space and the perfect backdrop for a wedding!  Enjoy this lovely wedding we did this Fall with lively jewel-toned colors!

Photography: Dawn Giola Photography
Planning & Coordination: Angie from Sapphire Celebrations
Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design
Ceremony: The Broadmoor's West Towers Lawn
Reception: The Broadmoor's Main Ballroom
Cake: The Broadmoore

The Bridal Bouquet was made of roses, dahlias, dutch hydrangea, spray roses, purple succulents, and fuschia clover.  

Centerpieces doubled as ceremony arrangements.  


New Aprons | Cori Cook Floral Design

Introducing our new aprons!  Aren't they just adorable?

This summer, we went on a mission to find the perfect florist apron.  We searched high and low for aprons that were both functional and adorable.  Our findings = NOTHING.  Turns out someone, somewhere decided that florist aprons should all be boring, solid colors, and basically no fun.  Of course we wanted pattern, ruffles, embroidery, and functionality. So, we set out to have ours custom-designed.  Luckily, we found Aurora at Fabric Bliss who was willing to help us with our mission.  With the help of her brilliant mother and seamstress, Jude, we were able to design this masterpiece.  It has everything a florist could want in an apron.  It's got ruffles, a big floret pin, patterns, and tear-proof and waterproof lined deep pockets that hold all our tools during a big install.  We're in love.  

Thank you to all the happy hearts who took in this project: 

  • Morgan (for making it happen and for sketching the designs)
  • Aurora Sisneros from Fabric Bliss (we love you!)
  • Aurora's mother and genius seamstress, Jude
  • Amy Somerville, who beautifully custom embroidered our logo on the front of the apron (720.323.8675)


Photography by Laura Murray Photography

Vintage Buffet Rented from A Vintage Affair Rentals


Evergreen Engagement Shoot | Jenise + Max

Our amazing Jenise is engaged.  We are so thrilled to have a CCFD employee who is getting married this summer!  Not only are we excited about doing the flowers for her wedding, but we're also excited for the kind of marriage we know that her and Max are going to enjoy...

Enjoy their lovely engagement pictures photographed beautifully by Laura Murray Photography...


Cori Cook Floral Design at The Oxford Hotel, Denver | Camille + Ricky

I know, I know!  I haven't blogged in weeks!  I had a wonderful holiday season and made it my mission to take some much-needed time off.  I did - and it was glorious.  But, about half way through, I started to feel the itch to get back to work.  Time off helps me realize how much I actually love my job and how it is PASSION that keeps me going those long summer months.  Cori Cook Floral Design is blowing up with some really exciting new developments...which we will be rolling out in the next month or stay tuned!  You won't want to miss it.

On another note, please enjoy this beauty of a wedding that we designed for in early October.  This bride and her sweet mom were great to work with and had so many ideas for keeping it fresh and fun, but with a very classy vibe.  I think it turned out perfect.  We used deep fall colors like burgundies, burnt oranges, eggplants, and emeralds to compliment their choice of champagne bridesmaid dresses and linens.  I also loved the way the ballroom at The Oxford Hotel looked with tons of candlelight.  It was very moody and romantic.  Enjoy this lovely wedding!

Photography: Zorn Photography (first time working with them!  I love the way the photos turned out!)
Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Oxford Hotel, Denver
Cake: Kelley Kakes (always love working with her!)

Camille got ready at the beautiful Ritz Carlton, Denver.  

For Ricky's Boutonnières, we used pheasant feathers, eucalyptus leaves, and ranunculus.  I love how it turned out. 

For the ceremony, we loaded up a dresser with varying heights of pillar candles in glass cylinder vases, votives, and taper candles.  Then, we reused these same vases as centerpieces after the ceremony.


We designed two types of centerpiece for her guest tables.  One was a fabric covered box with a lush arrangement of florals and a gold manzinita branch with hanging votives.  The other was an all candle centerpiece with mixed pillar candles and votives.  Both centerpieces had velvet banding and brooch detail.